DIY Table Saw Push Block

DIY Super-Gripper Pusher Deluxe

Published on Sep 8, 2016

I'm upgrading my table saw Pusher (a-la Grr-ripper) by adding: a 1/8" leg, stabilizing plate/balance support, routing spacer and a "heel" for resawing and veneer cuts to match all Grr-ripper Deluxe model's capabilities.

Over the fence Table Saw Pusher

Make Your Own Thin Rip Push Jig for a Table Saw

Published on Oct 20, 2016

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Ripping thin stock on the table saw can be a dangerous operation if you don't have the proper safety accessories and protocol. For discussion purposes, we are going to classify "thin stock" as any material under 1.5" wide. When cutting material on the table saw with the fence so close to the blade, there isn't any room for your fingers to safely push the material through the saw. The use of an accessory to push the material through the saw is the safest way to complete the job. You can purchase a factory made accessory from multiple companies or make your own!
Thin stock accessories - There are many options and styles of accessories to push material through a table saw. You have your standard push stick, Microjig GRIPPER, and various other store bought/shop made designs that push the material through and also hold the material down.

We have nearly everyone of these in the shop now, or at least have tried them in the past. Some styles work better for others and other are completely wrong for certain tasks.

The biggest draw back from these other safety accessories, is they are able to be put anywhere on the table saw and the operator has to consciously place it in a location where it won't get hit by the saw and keep it in that location when pushing the material through the saw. That is where our simple jig shines!

How to, On the Fence Anti Kick Back Pusher

Published on Jan 10, 2014

An anti-kick-back pusher (push stick) that is utilized and used from the fence in conjunction with a C.U.JMY half fence that allows the blade close contact with the fence when cutting very narrow strips at the same time using the pusher. sounds safe, aye it is, slides on the fence, fixed stationary on the fence or manual sliding operation. safer than wooden push sticks, hand is never directly over the blade, a big plus. macduff the albannach talks safety and uses the table saw safely.