Tools for the Inventor

Objective: To help facilitate open source technologies that will increase the quality of life for all and to enhance the wellbeing of our dynamic ecosystems.

How? The objective is achieved by providing or:

  • Linking to an environment of sharing technologies within an open source framework
  • Open discussions which can also be used as a resource
  • Guides (manuals, documents, professional and amateur assistance)
    • Utilizing shop tools, creating tools or gigs, tool acquisition - reviews and tool safety
    • Creation of a function for a device
    • Processes of experimenting
  • Free access plans when possible
  • Providing a donation channel for the individual inventor or modifier to create a means of sustainability


12-year-old engineer invents device to combat ocean microplastic pollution

Du created an underwater remotely operated vehicle that uses infrared light to detect, photograph and help remove microplastics from marine environments without harming living creatures.

“Plastics are already a huge problem, and then there are microplastics,” Du told AccuWeather. “When fish eat it, they get a toxin called bisphenol A inside their bodies, and even if they poop the plastics out, they still keep the toxin inside of them.”

The health of humans also faces detrimental impacts from consuming plastic-contaminated fish. source: https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/6th-grader-invents-device-to-combat-ocean-microplastic-pollution/70005513?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=mixi&utm_campaign=accuweather

The Fixers Using Recycled Laptop Batteries to Power Their Homes

The rechargeable batteries in your laptop, your cell phone, your headphones: all of these can be used to power your life and take you off the grid. DIY Powerwalls – rechargeable lithium-ion battery installations, made from recycled batteries – are the future of power, whether you know it or not. discover more

BoostPack combines both lithium batteries with super capacitors that serves as a power storage system for home, laptop or vehicle. There is a video guide on how to build your own and a list of parts needed. Capacitor Battery Hybred

go to the DIY Battery Technology

Making Joule Thief From CFL Bulb

Joule Thief is a self oscillating voltage booster

Download the circuit here:goo.gl/rjuUGb

What is cold welding? Watching this video you will understand!

The Myth on Capacitor Polarity / Are Your Capacitors Installed Backwards?

Experienced technicians makes this mistake.

Sub Arc Welding

Sub Arc Welding - SAW Completing a double joint pipe using the Sub Arc Welding (SAW) process.

SOLN1 25 Kit

SOLN1 25 Kit Build Video - 10Ah Version

More information

- 10Ah VersionSolar Pak using Ultra Capacitor and Joule Thief